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Appreciation & Testimonials

“As a parent we are very proud to say that teachers and all the other school staffs put in their heart and time to make the Annual Function, a splendid performance. I would, especially like to thank respected teachers for their diligent effort they put in to make the Annual Function a lifetime memorable experience. As parents we were unable to believe to see kids performing so well. A heartfelt thank you to all the benevolent teachers.

Dhiraj Kumar and Varsha Anand

(Parent, Std II, 2023-24)

“I would like to express my gratitude for teaching my both the daughters Hindi in TPS, your work has reduced my work of teaching my children Hindi as you taught them so well. Your explanation made the difficult concepts easy. Thank you once again and all the best, keep teaching effectively to other batches of TPS.

Anita Gothwal

(Parent, Std X, 2023-24)

I would hereby like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the spectacular and successful annual day for classes’ 1 and 2 as well as pre-primary section.

Thank you ma’am for putting in tremendous efforts to make annual day celebration memorable and successful.

Your dedication in guiding students, organizing rehearsals, and ensuring everything runs smoothly deserves our sincere appreciation and gratitude.

The efforts of both teachers and the children were very much evident in the flawless performance given by each and every child.

Once again many many congratulations and many many thanks to you and the entire school team.

Dimple Sahni

(On behalf of PTA EC, 2023-24)

I am writing this letter as an appreciation and stating my regards, to the Principal for involving kids to participate in various extra-curricular activities. I would also like to thank you the Art teacher, as she has helped my daughter alot to exell her interest in art. Making props and helping in various events as an art team has helped my daughter be more responsible and has given her confidence. I'm very thankful to the Music teacher, as she has motivated my daughter to participate in various music competitions, and has boosted her confidence. I'm very happy to see the hardwork of the school and the teachers to help student’s excell in not just the academics but the extra-curricular activities and help them inherit their hidden talents.

Preeti Malik

(Parent, Std VIII, 2023-24)

Today morning I visited the Admin office for submission of application for Transfer Certificate for my daughter Pratyushaa Banerjee (III-G).

I was overwhelmed by the response of the admin staff. She was extremely polite and helpful and patiently replied to each & every query. She took an extra effort for subtle corrections in name & other details.

I, myself being into customer service industry, am very well aware of how necessary it is to give ears to the person standing across the counter. I appreciate the TPS staff whole-heartedly for their dedication.

TPS and its staff have always been very co-operative.

Wish you all the best.

Aditi Banerjee

(Parent, Std III, 2023-24)

I am Shubham Rajguru, alumni of Thakur Public School batch, and I passed board exams in 2017.

I have pursued pure Math subsequently and now I will be joining IIT Hyderabad for doing my masters in Mathematics. teachers.

My sincere gratitude to the school. I am thankful to all the teachers for forming the foundation of my studies. My best wishes to the school.

Shubham Rajguru

(TPS Alumni – 2017)

As we are at a juncture where school life for us has come to an end, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and thank you & all the teachers for these wonderful years at school filled with knowledge, joy and countless memories which our son will treasure for lifetime.

We had enrolled our son at TPS in class 3 and since then the journey has been remarkable both for him and us as parents. We were fortunate to witness his overall development and growth not only in studies but also in sports and other extra-curricular activities. Our sincere thanks to all the teachers.

The way school under your leadership stood by students and parents in challenging covid times was remarkable. I would like to highlight that our son was well prepared for the 10th board exams that had full ICSE style portion+ MCQ+ exams held in Feb end itself. This was only possible due to regular and timely exams school conducted throughout the year. Our son scored 98% [total marks 586] and we are extremely happy and proud!

As our son is set to embark his educational journey in the field of engineering, we wanted to let you know how blessed we were to be part of TPS school especially under your leadership, Thank you for all the support! We have no doubts in our minds that TPS school will soar newer heights under your leadership in times to come and is undoubtedly one of the best schools in vicinity for all the ICSE aspirants.

Falguni Shah / Naushil Shah

(Parent, Std. X, 2022-23)

Revision taken in the last days was very useful and the kids get lot of practice. Teachers really worked hard and we appreciate all the efforts done by them.

Bhalchandra Bansode

(Parent, Std. VI, 2022-23)

All the teachers were supportive .Revision done in the last month was very effective and was very helpful. Class test must be continued.

Vivek Grover

(Parent, Std. VI, 2022-23)

Quite pleased with the balance between studies and extracurricular at school.

Ganesh Palkar

(Parent, Std. VI, 2022-23)

Thanks a lot for your guidance, coaching, commitment for the entire academic year. Ananya learned a lot during this year. She is very much inspired by all the teachers.

Anna Waje

(Parent, Std. VI, 2022-23)

I still remember the day when my daughter, set foot in Thakur Public School in the year 2010, as a toddler. Today, when she is writing her last board examination paper, I am overwhelmed by a plethora of thoughts while reminiscing her journey of last 13 years from a bumbling three year old to a teenager ready to face the opportunities and challenges that life presents to her.

I am sure she will cherish the wonderful memories as well as life lessons that she has garnered during this significant period of her young life, at school. I take this opportunity to thank the school, entire staff and teachers for shaping her future.

The school has left no stone unturned in providing the right blend of academic curriculum, sports and co-curricular activities.

Thakur Public School has over the years built a legacy of imparting quality education.

Shubhendu Shome

(Parent, Std. X, 2022-23)

My son who is moving to 9th std will be leaving this city and therefore this school.

As he prepares to leave and move on to a new chapter of his educational journey. I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything that you and this school has done for him.

When he first walked through the doors of TPS, he was nervous and unsure of what to expect. However, from the very beginning, he was warmly welcomed into a community that truly cares about the success of its students. The teachers, staff, and administrators here have all played a vital role in shaping him into the person he is today, and I am truly grateful for their dedication and support.

Over the years, he has had the privilege of learning from some of the most inspiring and passionate educators. They have encouraged him, and believed in him even when he didn't believe in himself. Their unwavering commitment to their students' success is truly remarkable, and he is honoured to have been one of their students.

Beyond the classroom, this school has provided him with countless opportunities to grow and develop as a person. He has made lifelong friends here and have learned valuable life lessons that will stay with him forever.

Thank you, once again, for everything that you have done for him. I will always be grateful for the incredible education and experiences that he has received here at TPS.

Ashish Pandey

(Parent, Std. VIII, 2022-23)

“Malhaar has improved a lot and has become more social. He has learnt languages other than his mother tongue .He enjoys a lot in school.

Varun Rane

(Parent, Std. Nursery, 2022-23)

“School is taking very good care of children and we are very happy and satisfied.

Mehul Upadhyay

(Parent, Std. Nursery, 2022-23)

“Gargi showed a lot of improvement after joining school. She is very attached to the school and her teacher. Every week, she shows improvement and we are thankful to all teachers, who take much efforts and give personal attention to each child.

Ajinkya Parab

(Parent, Std. Nursery, 2022-23)

“Nishka loves coming to school she does not want to miss school even on holidays. She shows improvement in speaking too.

Ronak Kothari

(Parent, Std. Nursery, 2022-23)

“Our experience with the school and class teacher has been very good. The teacher is always supportive and concerned about the kids. My child is also comfortable. He has learnt and improved a lot.

Bhavesh Doshi

(Parent, Std. Jr.Kg, 2022-23)

“I am very happy with the curricular and extra-curricular activities done at school which help the child for her overall growth, academic as well as physical. I really appreciate the efforts, focus and attention given by the class teacher to Avani and every student of the class. We get very accurate and good feedback about her performance in each PTM which helps us understand the performance status, areas of improvement and help us focus to improve. Thank you for the efforts.

Rajani Saxena

(Parent, Std. Jr.Kg, 2022-23)

“We are sincerely grateful to the class teacher for being a guide, a mentor and a friend to our child .This has enabled Lavish to open up and express himself.

Chirag Jain

(Parent, Std. Jr.Kg, 2022-23)

“Pritansh has shown miraculous improvement thanks to the class teacher.

Vishal Soni

(Parent, Std. Jr.Kg, 2022-23)

“I must say my child is having the best teacher and school for her growth.

Ravi Prakash

(Parent, Std. Jr.Kg, 2022-23)

“The students are doing very well. They are being encouraged for participation in each and every activity.

Rahul Sakhardande

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“We appreciate the efforts of the class teacher and thanks to her. I have seen a sea change in my ward. Overall, excellent teacher and school management.

Ashish Khatri

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“I am happy with the school and the child is seen eager and enthusiastic to come to school every day, which says a great deal.


(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“We are satisfied with the overall progress and confidence level that Anika is developing

Vinay Bajpai

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“I am impressed with the curriculum and teaching methods which are different from other schools. Well planned worksheets make my child learn better. I would like to congratulate the management for the endless efforts.

Mahinder Singh

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“The school gives fair chance to each kid to bring out the best in each of them.

Raijv Khandelwal

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“Kids love to come school because they enjoy learning.

Vinod Wagh

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“Myrah is very happy and always wants to go to school. I am happy with the overall improvement in phonics, Maths and drawing. She has developed interest in dance too.

Manish Bhatia

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“There is a systematic approach to the curriculum. No burden on the kids with too much homework per day. We are happy with the Personality development activities arranged by the school.

Naina Mary Joy

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“Kriyesha is having the best time in school every day. This is because of the healthy and joyful environment at school and the good care of the teachers. We are highly obliged for the care and support.


(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“All teachers, staff are very good and cooperative. I always appreciate the Pre-Primary section, teachers and staff for managing every event and functions so well. We love our school and are proud to be a part of this school.

Umang Gujrati

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“Reyansh has learnt a lot from his teachers and also made lot of friends. The Class Teacher has always been supportive and provided guidance. He adores The Class Teacher very much.

Sagar Karande

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“The teachers are very supportive. They are very helpful and their teaching methods are very good. It helps our kids to do well in studies.

Harshad Shinde

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“Vrish is very happy to come to school and is very eager to do all activities. He listens to his teacher and follows every word. We are very happy for his growth.

Vatsal Jithra

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“Pranksh has significantly improved in English reading and has improved overall in all aspects.

Deepika Sharma

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“I am really happy and appreciate the efforts taken by class teacher. Also, the course followed by the school is upto the mark. My child Aviraj Gupta is really interested .in coming to school and enjoys his days at school.

Amit Gupta

(Parent, Std. Sr.Kg, 2022-23)

“I would like to thank and appreciate the efforts and steps taken by the school for conducting revision exams for standard 5. It really helped my child to be prepared before the exams and get accustomed to the new examination format. Last few years due to covid, children were not used to writing long answers and hence this helped a lot. Thank you for putting extra effort for children.

Thanking you.

Aarti Shrimali

(Parent, Std. V, 2022-23)

“A big shout out for the amazing effort for organizing very engaging and varied competitions like Matific, Rhyme O Ryhme, colouring competitions, etc. It helps with the rounded overall growth of the children, given the exposure. Also a big Thank you to the team for organizing Donation drive, Eye check up & dental camp. Appreciate the efforts taken, over and above managing day-to-day guidance/clarifications.

Vanita Chakrabarty

(Parent, Std. I, 2022-23)

"On behalf of Pre-primary and Primary parents and students and PTA members, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the efforts made by teachers and your support team. Muppet show has set a best example of showing dedication for our children to follow. Introducing "Shivaji Maharaj" A Real Hero - stories with morals has motivated us too . We were deeply touched by Muppet show. It was well choreographed and awesome performance.

Rupal Agwan

(PTA, Std 1- 2022-2023)

"With Teachers Day today, we at the PTA would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to you and all of the teachers at TPS for the outstanding work they have done this year. We also appreciate your efforts in establishing high expectations for our students and teachers.As Principal, you have created a learning and success environment for our teachers and students. We will be eternally grateful for your contribution to the school; please keep up the good work.We also value each teacher's commitment to constantly adapting and extending themselves in the best interests of their students. As parents, we consider ourselves fortunate and honoured that our children are mentored by such wonderful guides and role models as they grow.Before we end, thank you for your dedication to fostering strong family school partnerships and realising every child's full potential.A special thank you to all of the teachers who are constantly looking out for, believing in, and inspiring students and their families. In Today's PTA, you truly are building our children's future! Happy Teacher's Day!

Charles Daniel

(On behalf of PTA EC - 2022-2023)

"This year's celebrations were especially significant because they marked the 75th anniversary of India's independence. Second, patriotism and loyalty to a country are instilled in students from the start of their education and the school plays a major role in it. The school rose to the occasion and ensured that they delivered the best and the most impeccable show doable, beginning with the flag hoisting ceremony and ending with the student dispersal process. A special mention to the act by Primrose students they stole the show with their passion, sincere expression, and determination to put on a great show.Every patriotic song sung by the students boosted our morale and rekindled pride in who we are as a great nation and what we stand for. The students' play about the little girl who ensured she held up the flag until her death brought tears to our eyes and made us realise that honouring the flag is a tribute to our national identity and its various dimensions. We thank you for sharing the "WATCH" Mantra with the students, teachers, staff, and all of us; truly, the mantra, when practised, will lead us all to success in whatever we do in life.

Charles Daniel

(On behalf of PTA EC - 2022-2023)

"Today, as we take the passing certificate along with other documents from the school of our daughter a long official association with Thakur Public School comes to an end. It's been a lovely journey I must say with ups and downs, loads of new learnings, new association with not only the parents but also with teachers, school management and all other school staff. It also helped us live our childhood once again and cherish the special moments by being an integral part of the various projects, competitions, celebrations and annual days through our daughter who has been a student of TPS since playgroup days. Times were tough when the pandemic hit us but you all put your best foot forward ensuring the study and syllabus of students get well completed within the academic year. There were new methods of interaction and teachings taken ahead by teachers under your guidance. A Big Thank you to you and the entire team of TPS. The support, guidance received throughout this journey is indefinable and sumptuous. Once again I convey my best wishes and gratitude from the bottom of my heart to each and every one including you Ma'am. Thank you for everything once again.

Supriya Raje

(Parent, Std.X, 2021-22)

I really want to appreciate the efforts the school is taking to conduct activities like Army Day, Grandparents Day, Hindi Day, Matrubhasha Day, Shloka activity and many more. Academics can be taught to kids by any one and all are doing efforts in that direction but such extra-curricular activities nurture moral values, social awareness, self-responsibility and above all a patriotic feeling. These are the qualities which will make our kids better persons, responsible citizens and give them an edge in this competitive world. Also, the importance given to physical fitness and yoga cannot be ignored. The way all the different festival are conducted is also appreciated and it gives so much exposure to kids in this corona era where they hardly step out. Thank you so much. I hope the same efforts continue in higher standards and kids grow up to be better persons who will make the school and parents proud.

Kavita Shah

(Parent,Std. Sr.Kg,2021-22)

We wish to thank you and class teacher for inspiring my child to come out of her shell. She loves her so dearly.

We understand its very challenging time for everyone and specially for teachers to teach the students online, however all teachers have been so patient and so good with children. Her teaching is outstanding.

All other teachers are good. We are so glad for all teachers who really make a difference in our child’s life.

We wish you and your team keep up the wonderful work!

Also wish corona goes from our life and all children are back to school.

Kamlesh & Sweety Agrawal

(Parent,Std. I,2021-22)

I would like to state to you that I'm really impressed with teacher methodologies of teaching and making the kids imbibe the knowledge she imparts.

I would like to show my gratitude towards her for being patient with so many kids and teaching in real time.

Thank you so much Ma'am for making my kid a better experienced one in this pandemic.

Thanking you.

Shweta Jha

(Parent,Std. I,2021-22)

My Child learnt the steps of Garba and enjoyed to the fullest. It was one of the finest workshop ever.

Aparna Jadhav

(Parent,Std. V,2021-22)

An awesome and innovative concept of Garba workshop! We had a great time learning dance steps and shaking legs with our kid.

Neha Swapnil Rane

(Parent, Std. V, 2021-22)

Saanvi enjoyed a lot. She attended all the four sessions of Garba. She is happy as she learnt some new steps of Garba. Thanks a lot to TPS.

Sakshi Samir Rasal

(Parent,Std. V,2021-22)

Arein enjoyed the workshop very much. All techniques were taught with lot of patience and details. We sincerely appreciate the efforts put in by teachers beyond school hours for this workshop. Thank you.

Gauri Sawant

(Parent, Std. V, 2021-22)

What a brilliant workshop experience!!! The Teacher was very knowledgeable, fun, patient and a great teacher. Christopher was encouraged to have his own ideas right from the start, a lot of inspiration and ideas came from the workshop, also introduction to glass painting was done. Christopher our son learnt more than we thought he would in these day and came away with some excellent artwork of his own by the end of the sessions. Thank you to the teacher and the School for making this happen, this is a great change to students for their usual syllabus at school and very inspiring.

Josephine Charles

(Parent, Std. V, 2021-22)

It was an awesome workshop.A great initiative taken by the organizers to make this event a successful one.Although it was online, but still the children were immensely involved during the whole workshop..Looking forward for many more such initiatives by our school.Kudos to the whole team!

Ujjal Mukherjee

(Parent, Std. V, 2021-22)

Today was the last day at school. I visited school to collect Arnavs marks cards etc, I just wanted to say it has been a beautiful journey with TPS and I still remember how he was told in pre-primary, 'I hope to see you grow and finish with us till 10th here.' Well, Arnav Pawaskar has done well scored 92% and today both me and husband are so proud of TPS and especially those initial years you supported him. Thank you once again!

Mother of Arnav Pawaskar

(Ex-Student, 2020-21)

I watched the entire farewell of the 10th standard students and it was so amazing! I spoke to a lot of juniors and they all were not really expecting so much but they all loved it and enjoyed a lot!!. We are so lucky to have teachers like you all who put so much efforts to make all of us happy, even in this atmosphere of tension. I'm sure no other school would be having so many things online and not even such a great farewell!! I feel really blessed and happy to be a part of TPS!!Thank you to all the teachers for putting so much effort and time, in doing all the little things so that we grow each day

Vanshika Kudal


I just saw the video of Farewell this year, given to the current 10th std students. It was mesmerising. The first thing I did was to message you and all teachers who must have taken a lot of effort to plan out this memorable event so beautifully. My sister was in 5th std this year and all I could see, was how every event of the school whether it was exams, Annual Day or the amazing competitions and even the Prize Distribution, every event took place despite the testing times. This is the first time everyone is venturing into the new normal and yet our school did it so well!! The hard work, creativity and efficiency put in by all of you teachers is commendable and beyond praise!! In this atmosphere where no exams are happening, our school planned it so well to take the exams for every Std. All of you teachers are also true warriors in these times handling your own house and also the school so well!! Hats off to every one of you!! It really feels so proud to be a part of TPS. Thank you to all teachers for these efforts!

Aadya Das

(Ex-Student, 2019-20)

You are appreciated for the hard work that you put in to ensure that each child is provided with an individualized experience. You take the time to make sure no child is left behind during course instruction. Your positive attitude and determination is recognized by us all. Thanks for all you do!

Mr. Rajesh Choudhary

(Parent, Std. IX, 2020-21)

1)The efforts taken by the school and the Principal during these pandemic times are really praiseworthy. Effective use of technology for communication to parents and the introduction of an educational solution is a step in the right direction. 2. The transition from offline to online has been handled very patiently by the teachers, they being the direct point of contact. 3. The message given by the Principal on Children's Day online, will help in raising responsible future citizens. Initiatives like Kindness week, Talent sharing on YouTube channel, celebrating festivals online and all such moments were highly engaging. A big thanks to the entire family of Thakur Public School!

Mr. Kartik Shah

(Parent, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

There is good teacher-student interaction.

Dr. Amita Navalkar

(Parent, Std IX, 2020-21)

My school has huge classrooms with all amenities, well equipped Audio-visual rooms with projectors, a good library, well-maintained washrooms with newly equipped amenities, a huge campus with playgrounds and very importantly, good and supporting teachers and my school is lucky to have a visionary Principal who cultivates the thought processes in students and maintaining a quality culture in the campus.

Ishan S. Duraphe

(Student, Std. IX, 2020-21)

I appreciate my school and its faculty because in these tough times of COVID-19, where everyone on the planet is petrified of the deadly virus, they (our faculty) keeping their fears and interests aside, teach us fruitfully and create an environment in the virtual class as if we were in our physical classroom. They teach us with amazingly informative presentations which are very easy to understand and helpful in making notes. Our teachers have been learning and evolving with the technology while educating us. I am utterly thankful to the faculty for putting their best efforts for teaching us virtually and also taking care of their families and their household side-by-side.

Mahita Dabhade

(Student, Std. IX, 2020-21)

The teaching faculty is very good. School is also equally focused on extra-curricular activities for overall personality development of the children.

Mrs. Sarita Tiwary

(Parent, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

The teachers have shown their dedication and commitment towards teaching during these challenging times. School has shown professionalism. The app developed during COVID-19 is very helpful for the students as well as parents due to which the students are able to do their studies seamlessly.

Mr. Ritesh Baijal

(Parent, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

Other than studies, the school promotes the overall development of the child through various activities like sports, dance, art, drama, skating, public speaking etc.

Mrs. Divyani Patel

(Parent, Std. VI, 2020-21)

Our teachers treat us with love and make us feel important. We are exposed to many extracurricular activities that make us versatile and take the pressure off studies.

Anoushka Nikhil Deshpande

(Student, Std. VI, 2020-21)

Teacher’s efforts are excellent and I never realised that online learning can be so exciting, I like the way teachers are helping students to solve their queries.

Dr Avantika Mishra

(Parent, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

I appreciate my school for giving equal importance to sports and extra-curricular activities as much they give to studies.

Mrs. Vibha Ashok Yadav

(Parent, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

1. I love to study along with my best buddies. 2. I get a chance to eat along with my friends during the long and short break and share my tiffin with them. 3. In the Art period I sit with my friends, share our colours and decide the colour to be filled in the drawing. 4. The time spent in school was precious and in the lockdown I realised this a lot as I missed my teachers, my sweet friends, my classroom etc.

Rudra Amit Singh

( Student, Std. III, 2020-21)

At the outset we would like to thank the TPS Management, Principal Ma’am Mrs Suvarna and all the teachers for going that extra mile in the current pandemic situation. A round of applause for all the efforts put in towards imparting education through the digital mode. It is not only the children but also the teachers who have adapted to the new norm in a very short span and were trying their best each day to not only impart knowledge but also accommodate various celebrations, activities, conduct exams and introduce new sessions like life skills through the digital mode. It has been an undisrupted effort each day. Thank you once again.

Mrs. Supriya Ninad Raje

(Parent, Std. IX, 2020-21)

Thank you for creating a fun and safe educational environment for my child!! All the hard work you put in day after day doesn't go unnoticed. Even in this pandemic, you have made our child's year filled with so much of fun and learning. The events, online classes and competitions have made my child's year a memorable one. For all late nights, early mornings and weekends spent grading and preparing lessons for our children- Thank You. Hats-off to all the teachers and the Principal for making our children study along with fun. The school activities are very awesome. Thank You!!

Mrs. Swati Agrawal

(Parent, Std. IX, 2020-21)

I feel very proud to say that I love my school very much. The reasons: 1) I am a student that my teachers know about and I like knowing that my teachers can watch my progress. 2) I feel like I am contributing something to the community. 3) It isn't just my school. It is absolutely my home away from home. I feel so comfortable there. 4) I feel like my teachers will do anything to help students succeed. 5) The people I have met at my school, have made such a huge impact on me. I know that these are people that I will stay friends with long after school is done. 6) My school offers so many different opportunities to get involved in things around campus. I might not have had this opportunity at a bigger school. 7) I feel as though I am not just learning inside the classroom at my school. I am learning outside the classroom too, from my fellow classmates who want to engage about the things we have learned. 8) My school taught me moral values, and helped me in creating a strong connection with God, the best thing about this is that it helps you become a better human being. 9) Because of the smaller class sizes, there is more flexibility in the way the class is taught. This was helpful because I was able to try out different ways of learning and figure out which way I learn best.

Raj Roowala

(Student, Std. VII, 2020-21)

I think TPS’s work culture is very systematic whether it was prior to lockdown or in the present scenario. I congratulate the entire TPS TEAM for this wonderful work coordination. Thanks again.

Mrs. Nibedita Das

(Parent, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

As a parent, I appreciate the efforts made by school as well as teachers. The teachers were always available and genuinely committed to exploiting her potential to the fullest. They were also very open to parental feedback and made sincere efforts to implement recommendations to the extent possible. We are pleased with the ethos of the school which aspires to identify each child's capabilities and provides an environment that enables all children to achieve their potential. The school nurtured my daughter from a shy and introverted girl to a confident and bold girl. We really appreciate the proactive steps taken by TPS in organizing online classes, assignments, competitions and counselling sessions for the children in these difficult times. Moreover, they have kept children engaged in studies as well as activities. We never thought that the online classes would be so much productive and interesting as well. The values, good manners and discipline that the school emphasizes are an added bonus. One thing that bothered me was the long screening hours the kids would be exposed to. However TPS seems to have thought of everything by keeping gaps between classes.

Mr. Irfan Shah

(Parent, Std. IV, 2020-21)

Other than studies the teachers take extra efforts in picking up any issues like learning disabilities or socializing skills, and try to bring out solutions and hidden talents of the child.

Mrs. Divyani Patel

(Parent, Std. IV, 2020-21)

During Lockdown, when things were so tough for all, TPS made it very easy to reach to students and continue the value education they provided. We could see that teachers have taken a lot of efforts to be abreast with the online learning and train students for the same. School managed to take all evaluations and saw to it that the online system was made student- friendly.

Mrs. Reema Vinit Shah

(Parent, Std. IV, 2020-21)

It focuses on the all-round development of my child rather than focus only on academics. Extra-curricular activities and personality development are given equal importance. This makes sure that the child is not only good in studies but also emerges as a confident person ready to face life.

Mrs. Sapna Krishna

(Parent, Std. III, 2020-21)

My school is truly called Temple of Learning as we get equal opportunities to showcase our talents be it art, dance, music , sports, penmanship, elocution etc., through various interschool and inter-house competitions that are held throughout the year. These competitions have helped us to enhance and build our confidence, interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership qualities, team building skills as well as social skills. Value education classes are helping us to be more independent, manage things wisely and have a positive approach towards life. Celebrating some of the important festivals and days, increases our general knowledge and also inculcates the Indian spirit. In a gist, my school is building a responsible future for our country. Thank you, respected Principal ma'am and all my respected teachers for helping us to become good human beings.

Tanisha Singhal

(Student, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

THE hard work put in by the entire school team, whether it is teaching of the syllabus, exams, extra-curricular activities and also the P.E., Music and Art classes, are conducted with equal dedication.

Mrs. Sumithra Mehul Dani

(Parent, Std. V, 2020-21)

School teachers are well trained and professional. They give equal importance to the child with average skills. Especially the class teacher, she does her job very carefully and professionally with special care to each child. Secondly, TPS makes sure to involve kids in various aspects of life and different fields and lets the child follow their own dreams. Thank you, all the Teachers, Staff and the Principal of TPS.

Mrs. Anushree Tajpuriya

(Parent, Std. II, 2020-21)

It’s the best place where I get all the knowledge to become a responsible citizen. It is the only place where angels come in the form of teachers and guide me. It is the place which has my favourite Superwoman in the form of our Principal ma'am. I am glad to be part of such school which not only makes me a strong individual but also a person who appreciates all the little things in life.

Sharvee Vedhas Pitkar

(Student, Std. VII, 2020-21)

My daughter says she likes all her teachers, and that she likes School because we have lots of activities and smart play. When we asked her about regular School, she said....I want to attend actual school soon and I love the big stairways and big Classrooms, and school bus too.:)

Mrs. Geetanjali Pratik Bagayatkar

(Parent, Sr. Kg., 2020-21)

I appreciate my School because it is a world of education and learning. The teachers are very motivating, caring and kind. The facilities provided by the school are awesome and the way students are kept engrossed in knowledge enhancing activities along with studies by the teachers are beyond words. My school is the best place to receive the blessings of the Goddess of Knowledge.

Mr. Vivek Bohra

(Parent, Std. VII, 2020-21)

Even during this pandemic, the whole staff teaching and non-teaching staff has worked hard to make sure children do not miss out on any studies, competitions, celebrations and many more things. The virtual learning of children has made us realize all the efforts that the school takes in nurturing and shaping up our children's future. We are thankful to the school and the management for giving in their best.

Mrs. Khushbu Gandhi

(Parent, Std. V, 2020-21)

The school has shown great efficiency in conducting the online classes amidst the pandemic. It hasn't stepped back in celebrating the occasions giving each student equal chance to participate. The exams were also conducted successfully. Hats-off to the Teachers and Principal Madam for their endless efforts.Thanks a lot.

Mr.Ratul Chatterjee

(Parent, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

This year has been difficult for everybody. The school teachers have painstakingly and patiently handled the lectures. To bring back the joy of being in school, this year many new competitions were announced which excited the children and made them participate. Themes like Halloween and mask-making with a social message, brought out the creativity in children. Thank you for your continuous effort to bring out the best in every child.

Mrs. Divya Patil

(Parent, Std IV, 2020-21)

Studying is fun here. Teacher teaches us, dances with us, and does craft work, fun activities, smart play and many interesting things.

Mr. Chandan Kumar and Mrs. Situ Kumar

(Parents, Jr. Kg., 2020-21)

I see my kids growing as good, sincere human beings which I believe is not possible until the school inculcates and emphasis on such qualities in students. I express my heartfelt thanks to the school for building them into individuals of character.

Mrs. Swati Agrawal

(Parent, Std. VII, 2020-21)

We appreciate the efforts put by teachers to ensure that my son gets a proper understanding of the topics they are teaching. The encouragement he gets from teachers to take part in most activities is really appreciated. Even in this pandemic situation, they ensure that students don't lose interest in studies.

Dr.Nirvisha Modi

(Parent, Std. IX, 2020-21)

Teachers’ efforts, hard work and sincerity to complete the portion in stipulated time, clearing the doubts that students have in their subjects and helping them to overcome the stressful pandemic time in their crucial year is appreciated. l would also want to appreciate the Principal for providing and leading such a wonderful teaching team.

Mrs. Ambili Rajagopal

(Parent, Std. X, 2020-21)

In these difficult times of the pandemic, the teachers went an extra mile to develop content for a new frontier of online teaching, which is highly commendable and appreciable .A big salute to teachers and the School Management who have provided us these facilities and help the students to continue their journey to achieve knowledge and excellence.

Mrs. Aparna Jadhav and Mr.Jotiba Jadhav

(Parents, Std IV, 2020-21)

The robust management during the lockdown, maintaining the standard of teaching even during online sessions,every activity carried out smoothly inspite of it being a virtual classroom.The management and the staff ensured that the students of class 10 do not suffer.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs. Twinkle Ganiga

(Parent, Std X, 2020-21)

My school tries it's best to make all the online classes fun for us. The class never gets boring and the teachers are patient and hardworking. I also enjoy attending the online parties, like Ganpati festival celebration and Christmas party.

Vedant Prabhu

(Student, Std I, 2020-21)

I want to appreciate my school for various things, such as: 1. Encourages to try new things- My school encourages us to try new things, e.g. to appear in external competitive exams conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation, International Olympiad Foundation, NSTSE, Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Spardha, etc. It helps in our overall development. 2. Teaches new things and life skills- My school also takes extra efforts to teach us valuable life skills such as giving speeches, social manners, how to handle difficult situations, etc. 3. Provides opportunity for overall development- The school gives us many opportunities to take part in competitions in different fields such as debate, drama, speeches, sports like football, basketball, etc. 4. Hard work and efforts put in by school as well teachers- The school and all the teachers put in a lot of effort to provide us a very good learning environment. 5. Celebrates all the festivals- My school celebrates all the festivals regardless of any religion. It helps us to respect all religions.

Mridu Mistry

(Student, Std. VI, 2020-21)

I appreciate my school for: 1: The way our school has arranged some valuable books in our library, so we can spend time sparking our imagination and be inspired by those books. 2: The Language Lab, which was beneficial, for it improved our language skills. 3: The Saraswati idol which blessed us each morning. 4: The Whiteboard projector, which adds to the learning experience. 5: The Maushi's of Pre primary section, who are the best caretakers for small kids

Rudrakshi Shome

(Student, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

My teachers are very keen to answer my doubts. They are so dedicated towards teaching the topic. I also appreciate the amazing work of the Coordinator, the Vice Principal and the Principal. I miss the cleaning and maintenance staff, I remember, when we spilt water in school, they would come and clean. Thank you to the entire Thakur Public School staff, including the cleaning and maintenance staff.

Prapti Pai

(Student, Std. VII, 2020-21)

I appreciate my school for the innovative, creative and imaginative way the various events are carried out every year. I appreciate my school because the entire staff of the school is considerate, helpful and involved. I am grateful to my teachers for their efforts and hard work especially the way they are conducting online classes and going that extra mile for us.

Pranav Arora

(Student,Std.IX, 2020-21)

During the pandemic situation, teachers are guiding the students very well, with a lot of patience. They also give personal attention to every student. The school is taking a good effort in the overall personality development areas like art, dance, music, P.E., computers and in different types of projects and competitions during online classes. In short, I like my school because it is the best.

Mr. Manish Jain

(Parent, Std. I, 2020-21)

TPS stands out over other schools due to the teachers. They make every subject interesting by engaging conversations and by the innovative ways of teaching. My favorite subject is PE. Even during lockdown, we were taught different PE activities. Adequate importance is given to overall development by giving importance to GK, art, etc.

Hitarth Shah

(Student, Std. VI, 2020-21)

We feel blessed to have his school journey with Thakur Public School. The teachers who had taught our son from Std 1 upto Std 4 are truly remarkable. We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to the teachers for their priceless efforts, understanding, support, guidance and contribution towards our son’s progress. They have absolutely given a lifetime impact to our son. He had personally shared with us his admiration and appreciation of these teachers. Their dedication and patience had enabled our son to receive positive educational experiences throughout his school journey. These teachers are an epitome of promoting inclusivity in education. We are sincerely thankful to the school’s management for giving a supportive platform for these teachers to excel in making a difference to our son’s academic and holistic education. Once again, thank you Thakur Public School and God bless.

Mrs. Nishi Rakesh Mehta

(Parent, Std. IV, 2020-21)

Thakur Public School has always been my first choice when it comes to selecting the right school for both my kids and I am always proud of my decision. It has been the right school throughout. It's simplicity has always been a plus point. I have always had a very good experience with the teaching staff and I love the fact that academics and extra-curricular activities are perfectly balanced.

Mrs. Shruti Grover

(Parent, Std. IV, 2020-21)

I love the communication between teachers and students. Our teacher is phenomenal! She is dedicated to organised, bringing out the fun in learning, and yet serious to teach my child that this subject will benefit them in life. All teachers are patient, understanding, and supportive. My son has gained so much confidence because of his teachers. I truly appreciate all teachers for their encouragement and support. Myself and my son would like to say thank you to his great teachers.

Mrs. Anita Ravi Poojary

(Parent, Std. IV, 2020-21)

The teachers manage the online classes well and with great patience. They conduct all competitions which keep children excited. Exams are going on well too. We express our appreciation for the teachers who take a great effort towards correction of papers online. The school is doing it's best to connect with children online as they were doing offline. The school is adopting the new normal regarding technology and it is highly appreciated.

Mrs. Shalini Jain

(Parent, Std. X, 2020-21)

I have got very good teachers who have gone out of the way in engaging with us, to teach us online, which is entirely new for them .They have helped us to adjust to the new way of learning. The school has provided us with good online infrastructure. Despite lockdown, the school has put extra effort in covering the syllabus and conducting the exams.

Anjana Nandakumar

(Student, Std. X, 2020-21)

I feel my school is the best and all the teachers are best. I have learnt a lot from them. They have been guiding us from Nursery to 10 th std. They teach us so well that even in 10 th STD I have not joined classes. Online teaching and learning is difficult but they have made it easy for us. Extra-curricular activities and even life skills are taught to us. In this lockdown, I miss my school.

Krish Kanal

(Student, Std. X, 2020-21)

The school is trying its best in these hard times to provide us with as much online education as possible. My school focuses not only on academic performance but also stimulates overall growth. What I appreciate the most is the dedication of teachers. They are trying their best and have moved out of their comfort zone to teach our kids. Thank you so much dear Principal and Teachers for working tirelessly for the betterment of our kids.

Mrs. Deepti Salian

(Parent, Std. VI, 2020-21)

The way classes have been conducted by school and teachers is very commendable. No words are enough to thank, as my daughter is in Std X. Apart from online classes, I was more impressed by the way exams were conducted and good communication with students. Thank you once again to the Principal, Vice Principal, Teaching staff and Administrative staff. You have always been with our students in this pandemic.

Mrs.Harsha Kesaria

(Parent, Std. X, 2020-21)

My school offers so many different opportunities to nurture my creativity and potential, not only in studies but also in extra-curricular activities and sports. The teachers in my school are the guiding forces, who are focused on overall development of the student. The encouragement that I receive from my teachers is unmatched.

Arnav Mohapatra

(Student, Std. VIII, 2020-21)

The school is truly child-centric in every way. A school where our children can grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually – as fully functioning human beings. The school maintains strong safety standards and an impressive level of hygiene. The values, good manners and discipline that the school emphasizes are an added bonus. One of the reasons why I like this school so much is the communication between teachers and students. Our teachers are dedicated to organized learning, bringing out the fun in learning, yet serious to teach the subject which will benefit the students in life. A happy school of happy children.

Mrs. Vaishali Shah

(Parent, Std. X, 2020-21)

TPS has been balancing between academic and non-academic activities very well. School has been managing teaching staffs, there has hardly been disruptions during academic years and teaching staff has been stable. Teaching staff is good and mostly well trained, and children feel good about it. School has been providing proper buses following safety and government norms. Parents never feel unsafe about their wards. During the recent pandemic, TPS has been able to start online classes in no time and that has resulted in the proper utilization of children's time.

Pramod Kushwaha

(Parent, Std. IX, 2020-21)

I congratulate the school on the regular and forthright communication and the response to such a disturbing time. The e-learning environment has been one of the smoothest I have witnessed. Learning new skills for online teaching, in such a short span of time by the teachers, is praiseworthy. Special thanks to the class teacher for her patience, passion, discipline, and teaching techniques which have brought out in our child, the love for learning and the passion to achieve. We thank the TPS School Management for providing the various e-and school-to-parent platforms, which have made sharing Classwork, Homework, Evaluations, and Results so much at ease and lets parents track their child’s progress. Secondly, for the regular online competition and events which keep the child's creative mind at work and for the online celebration of Festivals and National days of Importance. We pray TPS school further continues to grow and strengthen the core vision that makes them stand apart from other schools in the region.

Mrs. Josephine Charles

(Parent, Std. III, 2020-21)

It is my pride and prestige to be a student of Thakur Public School where the attitude of Principal and Teachers is - "We CARE"

Harsh Chellaney

(Student, Std. X, 2020-21)

I just wanted to share my sincerest thank you. It has not been an easy transition for any of us, but the leadership and positive attitude of the Principal has helped pull us through. I really appreciate the constant dedication to keep us parents updated and informed, especially during these rapidly changing times. The dedication of the school to our students is much appreciated. We parents may be accountants, scientists, doctors and engineers – but nothing contributes to the nation's development more than the sacrifices made by teachers. These past few months have been hard. The teachers have had to transition from normal teaching practice to remote learning, setting up new lesson plans, devising and recording instructional videos, preparing materials, and finding new ways to check in and connect with students. All the teachers have done this while juggling the effects of COVID-19 on their families and personal lives as well. We appreciate how teachers are going above and beyond proficiency during this time of remote learning! Thank you for rising to the occasion and demonstrating perseverance and resilience so that the needs of students are met. We love the way authentic learning opportunities are explored, allowing for student-designed assessment, and embracing technology!

Mr.Raj Chitrigi

(Parent, Std. VI, 2020-21)

The online classes have been conducted and managed very sincerely. The school has made best efforts to make online education as effective as possible. Along with regular subjects, celebrations and competitions were also conducted to keep the students engaged and connected. I want to appreciate the sincerity in intention and the disciplined effort that has gone in implementing it. Well done TPS family!!

Mr. Umang Gujrati

(Parent, Std. V, 2020-21)

TPS used a secure platform for online classes. This was a good decision to use a reputed platform and have limited school hours. The school held MCQ exams which was a good decision and held the internals and written midterm exams which was commendable. The Student Council had been appointed. Teachers are friendly and helpful. They speak kindly to students and empathise with them in the current situation. Many extra-curricular activities were conducted for lower and higher classes. Children enjoyed doing these and participating in them. Mock exams were held prior to the actual exams. This was a very good idea and strategy for students and parents alike. Teachers have learnt to use the online teaching aids fairly well and are adept at it. They explain the subject matter in depth and have also completed the portion in time.

Mrs. Nirmala Dsouza

(Parent, Std. X and VIII, 2020-21)

I appreciate the school for the AMAZING job that you all do as a TEAM. Knowing that you CARE for our kids gives us the CONFIDENCE and REASSURANCE, we need through tough times like COVID. You take care of every single child at the school in such a BEAUTIFUL and LOVING WAY and for that we can’t thank you enough. THANKS TO OUR SCHOOL PRINCIPAL AND ALL THE TEACHING AND NON-TEACHING STAFF OF THE THAKUR PUBLIC SCHOOL. HATS-OFF TO ALL OF YOU.

Dr. Priyaa Vishal Panjabi

(Parent, Std. X, 2020-21)

My school is very unique. Here, my teachers understand me. I can communicate with them easily. I can always go to my teachers. I know that I have someone looking out for me. I love my school very much.

Jay Zaveri

(Student, Std. X, 2020-21)

Flexibility and freedom is given to the children. The school shows immediate adaptability to the changes and new situations. The teaching staff have remained same for many years.

Mrs. Suma A R

(Parent, Std. VII, 2020-21)

The whole new normal which has gripped everyone including schools was really handled well by the school authorities. Being agile to the situation and changing the course to moving online was very well adapted by the teachers. The change management was done to ensure that children also understood the process. It was well-transitioned. The challenges of taking online exams was also smoothly handled by the school. Hence, I would really like to appreciate this effort of the school, in trying times, to make things smooth for the students and parents.

Mr Vijay Shetty

(Parent, Std. V, 2020-21)

Inspite of the world wide pandemic, the School has ensured that the students get the guidance and teaching of all subjects virtually. Online classes have been seamlessly accurate and the School has made every endeavour to impart the best of studies, reaching out to all students and all standards in timely manner. We, as parents, truly appreciate the efforts taken by the School whilst embarking on this new journey of virtual learning. Grateful Always to the School, Principal and Teachers.

Mrs. Sharmila Modle

(Parent, Std. X, 2020-21)

I really want to appreciate the efforts the school is taking to conduct activities like Army Day, Grandparents Day, Hindi Day, Matrubhasha Day, Shloka activity and many more. Academics can be taught to kids by any one and all are doing efforts in that direction but such extra-curricular activities nurture moral values, social awareness, self-responsibility and above all a patriotic feeling. These are the qualities which will make our kids better persons, responsible citizens and give them an edge in this competitive world. Also, the importance given to physical fitness and yoga cannot be ignored. The way all the different festival are conducted is also appreciated and it gives so much exposure to kids in this corona era where they hardly step out. Thank you so much. I hope the same efforts continue in higher standards and kids grow up to be better persons who will make the school and parents proud.

Kavita Shah

(Parent,Std. Sr.Kg,2021-22)