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Safety Norms

Safety measures observed at Thakur Public School (CISCE), Kandivali (E)

At the School Gate

All parents are issued two ESCORT CARDS at the beginning of the academic year. Entry for any parent is permitted only against the ESCORT CARD. The ESCORT CARDs are digitally enhanced with a barcode and are scanned at the gate prior to entry.

The entire staff of TPS, teaching and non-teaching is provided with ID card which has to be worn at all times during working hours in school. These digital id-cards have to be swapped to capture entry and exit timings.

Any visitors to school, (not a bona fide staff or a parent of TIS) are given entry only after duly filling in their details in the Visitor’s Register at the entrance. The visitor’s register captures the name, contact number, person whom they have come to visit/ purpose of visit, in and out time and signature. The photo identity of the visitor is checked the entrance.

There are functional CCTV cameras that capture the entire entrance of the school at all times.

Employees and visitors are scanned through a metal detector before entry to the premises.

Periodic testing of staff (drivers, conductors, peons, etc) for alcohol impairment is done through a breath-analyzer device.

The campus area surrounding the school building is also under CCTV surveillance.

Inside the school Building

All classrooms, library, science laboratories, audio-visual rooms, activity rooms, indoor play areas (atriums) are under CCTV surveillance.

All washroom entrances on each floor are under CCTV surveillance. A lady and a male attendant are stationed outside the washrooms on each floor to keep a watch on students and staff.

All corridors on all the floors are covered under CCTV from all angles.

Duties are allotted to the teaching and nonteaching staff to take rounds such that at any point of time a responsible school authority is observing all areas in the school.

A peon and a didi are allotted to each floor to assist the teachers and students.

A class pass is allotted to every teacher so that she/he can provide it to the child, if the child has to leave the class for any reason. This helps in monitoring the child who is out of the class for any purpose.

Teachers escort the students for all PE, Music, Activity, Dance, Library classes ensuring that they are not unescorted at any point of time.

Lady attendants are stationed inside all the lifts during the school working hours for safety of students.

Parent or any visitor has limited access to the school premises. Any admin related work is carried out across the counters outside the school bldg.

Drivers, bus conductors, peons, didis are assigned separate washroom within the campus, but well away from the school bldg.

The students and staff of Thakur Public chool are trained for Emergency Evacuation. The emergency evacuation plan is displayed on each floor.

Fully operational fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are installed at regular intervals all across the school building. Periodic upgradation and maintenance of these equipments are done as per safety norms of the Fire Department.

Science Laboratories are locked when not in use, thus preventing access to any hazardous chemicals. Similarly, disinfectants and cleansers used to clean the premises are also kept safely away from the reach of students.

Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

All teaching and non-teaching staff of TPS have to submit a copy of Aadhar Card and PAN card along with their biodata during their appointment. The school also keeps a record of finger prints of all its employees.

The school also plans to take a declaration from all its employees, stating that they do not have any criminal offence registered, especially under POCSO 2012 or JJ 2000.

Teaching and non-teaching staff is oriented and trained at regular intervals about POCSO 2012 and JJ 2000. These orientations and trainings are conducted by the Principal, Management and experts invited by the school. These orientation and meetings are recorded and signed by all concerned.

All employees have to abide by the School Code of Conduct that describes the school discipline. It is duly signed and accepted by all employees.

For Students

Teachers are allotted Arrival, Break, Dispersal duties to monitor students outside the classroom environment.

The preschool students are all the time attended by their teachers and lady support staff. They are accompanied to washrooms by lady support staff.

Students are handed over to parents only when the parent produces their ESCORT CARD. No child is handed over to any relative/ friend/etc of the parent. In case of emergency, if a parent is unable to come and pick up the child, the school asks for an email from the parent through an email-id already registered with the school.

Students are educated through Value Education, Science classes about good and bad touch. The school counsellor handles these topics with professional efficiency.

The students have also been trained through an age appropriate Self-Defence Workshop in the month of June 2017, which was a PTA initiative.

In case a student has to leave the school before the school closing hours, his/her exit is permitted only against a gate pass duly signed by the school authorities.

School Transport

A lady attendant is deployed in each bus during all trips.

A male attendant is all the time present at the bus entrance to guard the exit and entry of children.

A fully equipped first aid kit is present in the school bus.

A fully functional fire extinguisher is also present in each bus.

The I-D cards of students are colour coded to separate students availing bus facility from those who do not.

Proper cross checking of students travelling in the bus is done before the buses leave the school premises. Any child left due to illness/emergency is noted in the bus register. A parent (of a bus student) who wishes to pick the child from the school has to sign in the bus register before collecting the child from the bus.

Teachers are given duties to monitor the bus area to ensure that children enter the correct bus and are safe in the bus before the bus leaves the school.

The bus students are not dropped unescorted/ or handed over to unauthorized person at their drop point. They are brought back to school and handed over only to the parent.

Van and Unescorted

The students who travel unescorted are allowed to do so after their parents submit a duly filled and signed consent letter.

Private vans strictly not recommended by the school. The students who travel by van or unescorted (walking/bicycle) are permitted to do so after a written consent from their parent.

The school has also reserved a special vehicle for emergency situations. This vehicle is stationed in the school premises at all times.

The school management is well connected with nearest hospitals and police station to handle any emergency situation.