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For Std 1-5

  • English is the first language .
  • Mathematics focuses on reasoning and mental processes.
  • The Environmental Studies (EVS) curriculum (Classes I-II) is presented as an integrated curricular area following the thematic approach.
  • A multi-disciplinary approach of Science and Social Studies has been followed and the concepts and concerns have been addressed through various themes, identified from different discipline in these areas.
  • Computer Studies, has been developed with the focus on use of technology in Education.
  • Last but not the least, the curriculum for Arts Education at the primary level has been developed as a core area and follows a theme-based approach.

For Std 6-8

  • The focus of English language learning at this stage is on oral and written expression, in a creative manner.
  • Mathematics learning at this stage is to consolidate and expand the learning through problem solving techniques.
  • Science at this stage branches out into Physics, Chemistry and Biology, so as to help children understand the issues and concerns specific areas.
  • In Social Studies, two core areas, History & Civics and Geography, have been identified.
  • Computer Studies curriculum focuses on acquisition of knowledge and skills in ICT so as to enable students to use common software applications and technology to access and utilize information.
  • The emphasis of Arts Education at this stage is on development of creative expression and expression through visual art forms.

The subjects offered at the Std X (ICSE) examination starting from Std IX are :

Group 1 (Compulsory)

  • English
  • Second Language - Hindi
  • History Civics and Geography Paper 1 (History)
  • History Civics and Geography Paper 2 (Geography)

Group 2 (Any two)

  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • Economics
  • Commercial Studies
  • Subject to demand

Group 3 (Any One)

  • Computer Applications
  • Commercial Applications
  • Art I and II
  • Physical Education
  • Technical Drawing Applications
  • Subject to demand


Our students are guided to take on work practice in a main or a subsidiary craft. It implies the making of articles of social use or the practice of a skill.

We also take up Community Service, which includes work done in the home, school and outside which is beneficial to the community.


Art & Craft

We guide our students to acquire knowledge in the principles of art. The art and craft classes develops an interest in the world of art in our students. They acquire the skills in using tools and drawing illustrations.

Art & Craft

Value Education

We foster respect for values in the family, school, society and nation at large through various activities and discussions planned for students of all age groups.

Value Education

Field Trip/Picnic

The field trips and picnics provide first-hand experience to our students about places and areas as per their age and syllabus requirements.

Field Trip/Picnic


The Music classes build imagination, develop creativity and provide time for relation to our students. Students are exposed to a variety of cultures and various music styles.



Our students learn Western, Indian and Fusion dance highlights, rhythm, grace, expression and coordinated foot work, all of which express the joy and appreciation of our rich culture.

Pre-Primary Dance

Indian Dance Primary

Indian Dance Secondary

Western Dance Primary

Western Dance Secondary

Educational Trips

Students are taken to various national / International places like Hyderabad, Nainital, Jim Corbett National Park, trip to United States of America , Europe etc., to develop historical and geographical knowledge through a visual experience, environmental awareness and a sense of appreciation and responsibility.

USA Trip

Singapore Trip

Europe Trips

Nainital Trip

Mathematics Interactive Activity

Pre-primary Maths Interactive Activity

Primary Maths Interactive Activity

Science Interactive Activity

Science Interactive Activity

English Interactive Activity